A Debate: Can Anybody Sings In A Choir And A Cappella?30 Mar 2012

·  What’s the one thing an untrained person can look for in a choir that indicates how good they are?
The size of the audience and the length of the choir’s waiting list. If the choir is any good – at whatever level and in whichever style – it will have a good following and loads of people wanting to join.

·  Are there any surprising benefits from singing in a choir?
I don’t know about surprising, but there are clearly many benefits from belonging to a choir: health, maintaining mental agility, making new friends, developing music and listening skills, sense of achievement after performances, sense of belonging to a community, and more.

Is there anything a choir shouldn’t sing?
Obviously there can be no generalization here, I think it’s all down to taste; I think it’s very, very difficult for a large choir to sing a lengthy ballad, especially those with flexible timing. It’s very hard for the group to stay absolutely in time with each other and to be able to articulate well enough. I also don’t think choirs should sing songs whose original version depends a lot on instrumentation (e.g. well-known guitar riffs), since that will involve impersonating instruments – something that I just don’t get!

Can anybody sing in a choir?
Yes. That’s not to say everyone is equally able to sing well, and not that everyone can perform to an acceptable standard however EVERYONE CAN SING

Should choirs include ‘choreography’ in their performance?
Since I believe that the voice is rooted in the body, I have long thought that there should be some element of movement when singing). Not necessarily full-blown choreography (which can be a bit distracting and becomes more musical theatre than a choral performance), but there should be some life in the singers and an indication that their bodies are connected to their singing. There was a lot of good choreography in Last Choir Standing, but there were some points where I just wanted people to stand still so I could listen.

Is there anything conductors do that sets the alarm bells ringing?
Yes: lose their temper, shout, get stressed, be unclear or confusing, promote a ‘me’ vs. ‘them’ attitude. Choral conducting should be done in a calm, encouraging, supporting manner to get the best out of the singers . Conductors should also create a sense of shared responsibility amongst the whole choir

We invite you to join the newest chorus in Bunbury, they are the only one singing a cappella and it is new for the Greater Bunbury- Do not hesitate: contact the Musical Director or the Assistant Director at goldenvoices7@gmail.com.au for more info.

Contact Name: Viviane Knight
Contact Phone: 0428581893
Contact Email: goldenvoices7@gmail.com.au

A Special Vocal Graduation Concert19 Mar 2012

Real Women-Real Harmony Real Fun


St Boniface Cathedral, Cross Street, Bunbury

APRIL 1 at  2PM

Golden Voices Graduation Concert

with Guests

"Voices of the Vasse" and "Insatiable" National Quartet

On the 1st April, Bunbury will see a concert with the Golden Voices Chorus, it will be a first appearance and performance for the chorus, founded by Viviane Knight, very well known in the Choral Community and president of Choral Association Australia, the GVC will show how much can be achieved in six weeks of hard work and dedication by 70 (Seventy) women working together while having fun.Under the umbrella of A Cappella West and supported by Sweet Adelines Region 34 (Australia) with Lindsey Dyer, Anne Conelly and Bec Mutton, this A Cappella Group is a first for the greater Bunbury.

The youngest person in the chorus is 12  years of age and the oldest is....over 80. It is a group for all ages. The musical director states that singing is for everyone regardless of musical knowledge, it is an advantage, but it is not compulsory to read music to enjoy being part of this chorus.

This concert is totally free, so do now miss it, it promises to be a great afternoon of entertainment for all age group.

For all enquiries email goldenvoices7@gmail.com or ringThe administrator on MOB 0420522745



Contact Name: Elaine Hawkins
Contact Phone: 0420522745 A/H
Contact Email: goldenvoices7@gmail.com

A: How To Practice A Choir Song On Your Own21 Feb 2012

How to practice a choir song on your own (and a big concert’s coming up)

A concert is looming and there are a couple of songs you don’t know that well.

You’ll need to put in some practice at home, but how do you rehearse on your own?

These methods apply equally well whether you use sheet music or learn by ear. In both cases you don’t want to be holding pieces of paper in the concert!

Sing along with a recording – the best way to learn a song (music and words) is to keep singing it. If you sing along with a recording (make sure it’s the same arrangement as the one you’ll be performing!), you’ve got constant reinforcement.
  Sing against other parts – if you’re lucky enough to have a recording of the separate parts, don’t just sing along with your own part. Sing against the other parts in turn. This will ensure that you won’t be put off when singing with the whole choir and will also allow you to feel how the harmonies work.
  Spend more time on verse 2 – and verse 3 and verse 4 ... It’s often the case that verse 1 is sung many times when a song is first taught and the danger is that when you come to the other verses, they’re seriously under-rehearsed.
  Learn words while you sing – don’t try to rote learn words from the page like you do with poems and speeches. Song lyrics are stored in the brain along with the melody, so sing the words as you’re learning them.
  Find a buddy – practice together with someone else from your part for a bit of moral support, but more importantly find people from other parts and form a little trio or quartet. If you can really nail the song in a small group, then singing with the whole choir will be a breeze.
  Practice while doing other things – often you think that you’ve got a song under your belt at home, but when you’re in concert things go wrong. It’s different learning under calm, controlled conditions at home and being in front of an audience. To help prepare, make sure that you practice the song under a range of different circumstance: whilst washing up, driving, making the bed, getting dressed, going out for a walk, etc.

How do you practice a choir song on your own? Do you have any other handy hints? Do drop by one of our rehearsals and find out how it is done.

Rehearsals: First 3 Fridays of the month 6.10 PM to 8.10 PM or ring administrator for details ( Elaine MOB: 0420522745)

Walker Hall, Oakley Street Bunbury

Article Chris Rowbury
Friend of the Nightingales

Contact Name: Administrator
Contact Phone: 0420522745
Contact Email: nightingales@westnet.com.au
Contact Website: http://www.nightingales.org.au

An Experience Not To Be Missed28 Oct 2011


To celebrate this achievement the 2012 program will be a very special one.

The Nightingales will have a special “Season” from February 10th to 15 July 2012.

The Chorale will be guest of one of the biggest Choral Festival in Australia

There will also be an interstate tour of approx. 10 to 15 days, six concerts and a final performance with a top Australian Orchestra in Hobart.

• Dr. Jonathon Welch AM returns to work with us in May 2012

• Concert scheduled at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre in May
• Another festival performance in WA in June
• Concert scheduled in Harvey in July


We will have a small intake of Tenors, Sopranos and Altos for this season only.

What is required:
• Reading music is an advantage; however quality of tone is more important.
• Music and mp3 will be provided- Australian & French composers, Classical, Modern, Jazz and Gospel are just a few of the range sang within the chorale.
• Singers must show a commitment with weekly rehearsals in Bunbury- extra tuition is offered at no charge for those who need some help.

Please contact the MD at nightingales@westnet.com.au  with name, email, phone, voice range: if you are looking for something different and not just a "choir" THIS IS FOR YOU. You will be contacted  as soon as possible.

Why don't you give this a good chance, the "season" is short and you will be committed for a short time only. 

Contact Name: The Conductor
Contact Phone: 0428581893
Contact Email: nightingales@westnet.com.au
Contact Website: http://www.nightingales.org.au